Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Fiscal Windfall on Protected Designated Origin

A happy birthday to our founder - Chairman Bill.

Calls for Government Windfall Tax

Following allegations of the government profiteering from its programme of cuts, there have been calls for the government to subject itself to a windfall tax on its £8bn windfall.

Institute for Fiscal Studies and BBC State the Obvious

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and the BBC have published a report which suggests that the old and the poor are worst hit by the recession.

They may just as well have produced a report stating that 1+1=2.


Chairman Bill thinks he’s found a sensible solution to the vexed question of Protected Designated Origin that has been taxing him of late.

Bill says that all produce having a location in its name should have the actual location of manufacture and the true place of origin of whatever goes into it placed conspicuously on the packaging in letters twice the size of the location name it goes under.

Thus Cumberland sausage may be made anywhere, but the fact it was made in Grozny from pork sourced in Gdansk will be displayed in huge lettering. Similarly Genuine Glasgow Tikka Marsala could be made in Madras, if a market could be found for it in India.

Chairman Bill said: “That way we facilitate competition, reduced carbon wotsits and increased consumer choice, not to say evolution of the product to possibly a higher or alternative standard to suit regional taste.”


  1. Happy Birthday, Mr Chairman!!!
    You can't make a Cornish pasty in Devon?

  2. Happy Birthday CB!

    Clearly Chipping Sodbury should have a PDO on satirical blogs!