Thursday, 24 March 2011

Identity Isues for Gaddafi Asylum in UK

Arab League Has Identity Issues

The Arab League is in a bit of a quandary.

The organisation has 22 member states – 21 since Libya’s membership was suspended.

Only 2 of the member nations have made it to the list of top 100 democracies, and one of those is Palestine, which isn’t even recognised internationally as a state. That leaves just Lebanon.

The remaining states are having their own problems regarding the enforcement of authoritarian rule and some Arab League countries are actively engaged in Libya-style repression of popular democratic uprisings, or even assisting in the repression of same in a neighbouring member state.

Can anything the Arab League says be representative of the views of the average Arab on the street who is being shot at by his government while exiting the mosque on the way to catching the Clapham omnibus?

Clapham omnibus.

Gaddafi Should be Offered Asylum in UK, Says Chairman Bill

Chairman Bill has astonished both the military and financial worlds by suggesting Muammar Gaddafi could be offered asylum in the UK in return for say £20bn of his ill-gotten gains.

This would solve the Libyan crisis, offset a part of the UK's significant national debt, boost UK jobs and inject some much needed liquidity into the moribund housing market.

Analysts have suggested Bill be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, as well and the Nobel Prize for Economics and the Wimpey Prize for Palace Building.

Chairman Bill commented: "Gaddafi would only be the start - if we offered asylum to every tin pot dictator in the world we'd soon have the deficit fully under control. The government could also capitalise on them by renting them out for opening church fetes and the like.

"As it stands, places like Saudi and Venezuela benefit from dictator immigration. We need to change this and offer a complete service; removal and asylum - a complete package deal."


  1. Heck, resettle him in Texas.

    There's enough gunpower in the state to keep him in his residence and with all his wives, children and dependents he'd underwrite about 20% of the state budget.

  2. Laudable, perhaps the Nobel Piece Prize would be more appropriate... just saying.


  3. Charlene: No - we want him for our debt clearance.

    AV: He should get the Nobel Prize or Propaganda.