Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Discrimination Against Emperor Rothko's New Clothes

Overheard in the Caravan:

Hay: “Are you building a motte and bailey defensive stockade around the stove from the firewood?”

Overheard in the Caravan:

Hay: “I’d really like to see that Mark Rothko show.”

Chairman: “Emperor Rothko? I thought he’s stopped broadcasting when Radio Luxembourg went off-air.”

Emperor Rothko’s “Dulux Tester Pots No.1”

Ladies’ Nights Banned Under EU Legislation

The recent European Court of Human Rights ruling that women cannot be charged less for insurance than men has provoked uproar in the nation’s clubland, as ladies’ nights will also be illegal.

A ladies' night is a promotional event, often at a bar or nightclub, where female patrons get in for free, whereas male patrons must pay.

Young men have responded angrily to the ruling. Nathan Der Thaal, a whippet smoother from Accrington said: “I don’t mind paying extra to get into a club that’s stuffed to the rafters with hot, drunk totty – well, any totty really – even grotesquely fat totty.”

“'Ere Chantelle, can you remember where I left my knickers?”
"I think they're in that John Lewis bag on the right."

There is a high probability that the provision of cheap travel to OAPs may additionally be declared illegal under EU age discrimination legislation, as well as pubs henceforth being filled to the brim with snot-nosed underage drinkers shouting: “Age discrimination!”


  1. Joke you not : I had a long discussion with an insurance chap yesterday who was trying to tell me that it was OK to only provide travel insurance until you are 70 : a practice which I threatened to take to the European Court unless he dissist.

  2. Maybe they should just abolish age.