Monday, 7 February 2011

Celebrity Art

Official – British Population Obsessed With Celebrity

Despite Egypt descending into chaos with enormous implications for middle east peace; despite announcements that the UK police force is to be decimated; despite national protests over council cuts; despite a new universal antiviral being found for flu, Amanda Holden’s miscarriage proves to be the most poplar and widely read news story on the BBC News website and front page news on the Daily Mail and Daily Express.

Obsession with the inane and vacuous

Important LS Lowry Work Re-dated

The date of The Football Match by LS Lowry, which is about to go under the hammer at auction, has been re-evaluated by our art critic.

The work is meant to have been painted in 1949, but given Lowry was born in 1887 it could only have been painted before 1900, as it is obviously the work of a mildly talented child, according to our art critic.

Work of a talented 6 year-old?


  1. Blimey they're tough oop North, playing football in the snow!

    Love the sub-title of that magazine, "The luxury lifestyle, philanthropy and high society source book" - a set of more contradictory concepts you'll never see in the same sentence. I wonder if "high" (when applied to celebrities) means what I think it does.

  2. Steve: Sorry, would have replied earlier, but I was engrossed in my copy of Hello.

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  4. How dare you attack the great Lowry. I intend to cancel my subscription to your blog immediately and start reading OK magazine instead. (This is a more measured response than my previous deleted one)

  5. Alan: OK, I'll make a concession - he painted it when he was 12, although I can't go beyond that, as my son is 12 and draws better than Lowry....