Sunday, 6 February 2011

Multiculturalism & Irony

Overheard in the caravan:

Advert Voice-Over: “So if you sponsor one of our dogs you get a letter from the dog and regular updates.”

Chairman: “How can a dog write a letter? Everyone knows they can’t write - no opposable thumb, you see.”

Hay: “I believe they dictate them.”

Back to the news:

Along With Mubarak, Cameron Doesn’t Do Irony Either

Cameron, who is descended from William IV, was educated at Eton and Oxford, was a member of the infamous Bullingdon Club, married a baronet’s daughter, has two houses (each well over £1m), has 15 Old Etonians in his cabinet (the most since MacMillan) and is estimated to have a family worth of £30m says cultures have been encouraged to live separate lives through multiculturalism.

Never mind about immigrant cultures - over 98% of the native UK population could never culturally integrate with Cameron or his social milieu, even if they wanted to.

Our Dave – just an ordinary bloke whose cultural values we all share

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