Sunday, 20 February 2011

Facebook Wedding & Lions' Dens

William & Kate Invite Facebook ‘Friends’

Prince William and Kate Middleton are inviting 1,900 guests to their wedding, over half of which are reported to be family and friends. That makes roughly 500 family and friends each.

No-one has 500 family and friends, leading to the inescapable conclusion that the vast majority are Facebook friends - or as we experts call them, people they don’t actually know.

A more serious story:

Laura Logan is a news reporter for CBS, and she also happens to have model looks and long blonde hair.

Film star looks

CBS, in their wisdom, sent her to report live from Tahrir Square during the recent fracas there. She somehow got separated from her team and, surprisingly for some, suffered a sexual assault. Miraculously she was not, however, raped.

Reading various reports about this I am astounded at the number of people who thought she was brave. Let’s be clear about this - it’s not brave to put your finger in the fire, nor is it brave to stamp on a bear trap – it’s foolhardy in the extreme.

Those who have pointed out this obvious fact in various comments areas of news websites are being rounded on with comments such as: “Oh, just typical to blame the victim rather than the perpetrators,” leading to some pretty heated exchanges.

The woman must have stood out like, well, like a beautiful, bleached blonde woman in a predominantly male crowd in a Muslim country in the Middle East where law and order was breaking down and emotions were at an all-time high – and she’s an American to boot!

The least she should have done was to cover up her hair - she’s not even a natural blonde, for God’s sake.

Not a blonde

It was an ugly incident just waiting to happen - it’s like saying that a Tory aristo walking into the middle of the Toxteth or St Paul's riots wearing his House of Lords regalia would not bear some responsibility if he got a bottle over his head.

Yes, the Egyptian men should not have assaulted her – but there’s a maxim in marine law which says no-one in a collision is 100% to blame. Blame always ends up being apportioned according to the level of contribution to the accident, as there are actions that both parties can take to avoid a collision.

I don’t care what anyone says - this woman knowingly walked into a lions’ den and therefore must take some responsibility for what happened.


  1. A bit like Charley and his Camil driving through the middle of a group of protesting students in their state Rolls Royce, waving at the people in the crowd.
    Say what you like about friends, but I'd invite you to my wedding : if I wasn't already married.

  2. Sadly I can't get the day off so William and Kate will just have to cope without me.
    Poor Laura, I am suprised believe it or not, when I was in Cairo I was treated like a goddess I didn't want to come home.

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  4. Well, well, what would have be said if it had been a poor old cow like me out there reporting then, I wondered...:-)Are Goodlooks everything in this day and age?

    Our dear Kate Adie reported in all war zone around the world when she was on TV and I don't think she ever put herself in any dangerous situations. Well, apart from the line of duty i.e reporting in the middle of a war.

    Oh my god... So I have more friends than I realise by having a facebook page... Wow! Thank God for technology otherwise I would be a poor sad lonely old cow:-)

    And for the rest of you, Keep Banging the Rock Together!

  5. Jamara: Kate Adie knew when to cover up, and is professional enough to know when she's about to be put in danger. Same goes for Orla Guerin - but there again, she looks too much like Moishe Dyan to get hassle in a Moslem country.

  6. Entirely her fault - they probably thought 'PRESS' was an invitation...

  7. Clever, Geo, you deserve a standing ululation.