Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The News as Art

Overheard in the car:

Hay: “Well, if you get the job the journey will be only 15 minutes.”

Chairman: “Unless there are ever road works on that stretch, then it’s going to be Nightmare City.”

Hay: “There haven't been any road works there since I’ve lived here – and that’s a long time.”

Chairman: “The law of averages makes it all the more likely in the future then. There hasn’t been a mass extinction event in 65 million years– but another will come and every day that passes increases that chance.”

Hay: “There’ll be a mass extinction event in this car if you don’t shut up!”

The News as Art

Alan Burnett’s mention of the Google Art Project yesterday reminded me that I hadn’t revisited my art appreciation section for some time.

On this occasion I thought I’d use art to comment on the news:

Bank Levy Increased – Bankers Furious

Egypt Protester Says: “Let My People Go.”

Police Accused of Dissing Pathologists

X-Factor Contestant Wears Red

£1bn Overspend on M25 Widening

Pope moves Straight into 21st Century from 16th


  1. The art is fabulous and has made me change my mind about cancelling my subscription. As for the expected mass extinction event, does the fact that one hasn't occurred make it more likely that one will in the same way that it you toss a coin and get seven heads you are more likely to get a tail.

  2. Alan: We know there have been many extinction events - in fact it's a marvel we're here at all. There will doubtless be more, ranging from meteorites to global warming - and the longer the interval since the last, the more likely the event.

    It's like buses at a bus queue - the longer you wait the more likely the bus will arrive in a minute of two.

  3. PPS - the analogy is that the longer it is since I was last told off by Hay, the more likely I'll get a telling off in the next few days.