Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Civil War Self-Doubt on Live & Let Live HR Jubilee Presents

Cameron Warns of Civil War

David Cameron has said that library protesters risk plunging the country into civil war unless they disperse from public libraries.

Cameron, who stands accused of attempting to rig the voting system so his regime can remain in power for decades, is thought to have a plane on standby to evacuate him, his family and Nick Clegg to Wales, where they will seek refuge in the slate mines of Bora-Bora if things go tits up.

There again, his destination could possibly be his ancestral lands around Peasemore in Berkshire, where he is thought to have tribal support from the local warlords.

The Foreign Office has advised against travel to Westminster.

How the war could go

MPs Suffer from Self-Doubt, Just Like Humans

The recent spate of policy back-tracking on the part of government ministers shows that self-doubt is not solely limited to humans.

This, however, does not apply to former PM Tony Blair.

Blair and friend

Private Companies Say they Have Enough HR Staff

In a slap in the face to David Cameron’s plans for decimation of the public sector, private sector companies are failing to take up the slack of redundant public sector workers.

Public sector union leaders say the private sector is missing out on a massive talent pool in ….. HR ……… and HR ………. and HR.

Company bosses say that employing people who have as much customer empathy as a north African dictator is not conducive to good customer service. The HR department, however, is a different matter.

They say that, in any case, they already have too many so-called HR staff dreaming up evermore bizarre ways of justifying their existence, such as getting people to apply for non-existent jobs via overly complicated on-line forms which simply refuse to upload after an applicant has spent hours entering totally irrelevant information.

Existing private sector HR staff are additionally already fully adept at not being able to interpret a cv, organising woo-woo psychometric tests, ignoring the fact applicants would like to see a salary and a location attached to the job spec and leaving applicants in limbo after the application. They therefore have nothing to learn from the public sector in this respect - except perhaps the creation of stupid policies.

William and Kate Want No Presents

Except perhaps a palace of their own from Granny England.

A palace?

Cruel Trick Played on Child

12 year-old Katherine Dewar from Chester won a contest to design the emblem for the Diamond Jubilee in 2012 of woman who is currently 84 – 5 years older than the average lifespan for a woman.

Child development experts consider this a cruel trick, as the odds of the old woman concerned lasting another whole year are rather slim, especially if the 62 year-old and 3rd longest serving Prince of Wales has anything to do with it.

Restaurant Review – Live & Let Live, Frampton Cotterell

Another restaurant review – this time for the ‘Live And Let Live’ in Frampton Cotterell, a Bath Ales pub, which we visited on Saturday evening (our 2nd visit).

I have yet to be disappointed with a Bath Ales pub, and this is no exception to the rule. Thus far we have been to the ‘Live and Let Live’ and the ‘Swan at Swineford’. Another three to visit yet.

The staff are friendly and have intimate knowledge of all the drinks on offer, as well as the food - no having to go back and forth from table to kitchen to find out what the soup of the day is. Customer service is exceptional – even if you have a complaint (a woman on our first visit complained about the steak – more from a lack of food knowledge than anything actually being wrong, as far as we could see, with the meal).

We both had mushrooms on ciabatta as a starter – delicious.

Next Hay had a sirloin with all the trimmings, while I had a lamb rump with bashed swede, savoy cabbage and a jus. Both were cooked to perfection with the lamb being crispy on the outside and beautifully pink inside. Can’t say I’m particularly fond of swede, but this was beautiful in the jus.

Drinks consisted of the house red (deep and fruity) and several glasses of Bath Ales’ Bounder cider. I found Bounder a bit sweet and too much like cheap processed cider. Customer opinion is apparently equally divided on Bounder – a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it.

Desserts comprised cr̬me brulee Рexquisite, as usual!

Including tip, the bill came to £64, of which £23 was booze, thus extremely good value. Fine dining food at pub prices – Bath Ales certainly know how to run a gastro-pub. The Live & Let Live is easily the best place for good value pub food in a 10 mile radius.

Took the photo too late into the meal to give you a full appreciation


  1. Your blog gets more like a daily newspaper ever day : expect to see the introduction of a crossword puzzle and a "For Sale" column soon. As far as your lead story is concerned, I understant that the latest news is that Cameron has said that he will stand down in four and a half years time in an effort to pacify protesters.

  2. Most companies have a random policy generator, it's called "the bank"...